So for the last 12 years, we’ve been going.

You know what I mean, right? You wake up every day & you make choices. You’d like for them to positively affect more than just this week or month, or let’s be real- this day. But here we are, 12 years later. Just now eeking out of survival mode.

So last Sunday was our 12th anniversary, and he took me on vacation. For real!
And guess where we went. Saaaan Aaaaantonio. The same place we went on our honeymoon, 12 years ago. We couldn’t decide where to go at first, until we decided on what we wanted to do.

In peace. 🙂

We love ‘Diners, Drive-ins & Dives’ on the Food Network, so we searched for hot spots in San Antonio (b/c then it was Austin or SA, & well, it was clear) & came up with 5 different places to hit. B found a 4 star historic hotel downtown for 1/2 price, & BOOOOOOOM- we were on our way. For a person who loves to over-plan trips, it was awesome to not have to think about anything more than where to eat & sleep.