So I’ve been sitting on the couch, recovering from abdominal surgery, bored out of my every-loving mind, & just sick over how much I’ve been on FB, trying to appease my extroverted….ness. (Please forgive my lack of vocabulary, I cannot brain very well these days.)
I’ve resorted to indulging myself with every Myers-Briggs, DISC, & brain test I can stand. I’ve even sunk so low as to court FB quizzes & I think I hit my all-time low point when I found myself on a Pixar quiz. 
I might need an intervention.

All this introspection & searching led me to a cool writer’s site & the Proust Questionnaire.  It’s a list of 35 questions designed to reveal your true desires & behaviors & if you’re willing, can give you a reality check & foundation for change.  After reading through the list for the first time, I thought, “Man, I don’t even know how to answer some of these!”. I’m excited to embark on this discovery & use it periodically to keep myself in check.
I don’t know about you, maybe you have all of this figured out, but I’ve been stuck in a place for awhile (ok, pretty much my whole life) where I feel my outside doesn’t match my inside. Anybody else know what I mean by that??
Inside I feel so sure, strong, organized, confident, like I know exactly what I want & what is healthy for me. As I read through this list, I realized that I *don’t* know exactly what I want. At least not clearly enough to act on it.
I know what I don’t want. Does that count??? No???

I know who I can be & it’s time to figure out how to get to there from here…